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Tom and Huck are reunited in another grand adventure. This time they team up to build a monument so they will be remembered forever. To do so, they travel the globe to steal pieces from the greatest examples of architecture in the world. Will their scheme succeed? Or will they learn important lessons about life, art, and design to come up with something totally original?


This show focuses on cultures around the world, helping children to identify important aspects of their own culture, and references Twain's literary contiributions.

Get In The Game!

Our first live, interactive game show. Volunteers from the audience will assist three contestants as they battle their way to victory. Get in the Game! combines elements from other popular game shows such as Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, Minute to Win It, and The Chase. The contestants must answer Sports and Games related trivia, but with questions like “In what year did the first Olympic Games occur?” and “What scientific principle explains why quarterbacks throw spiral passes?” we’ll test your knowledge of Science and History too.


This show can be tailored to review subject material of your choice. Want us to ask questions geared toward the SOL's? We can do that. 


This one works best for middle-school aged kids.

Aaron Hale

Inspector Clue- finder of facts, seeker of secrets, private eye, and consultant to mad scientists everywhere- agrees to help Dr. Finkelbugger recover a suitable energy source for his newest creation. Along the way, Clue learns the definition of energy, the different types of energy, its sources, and how it is used in today's world before facing down The Waster, the crafty villain responsible for stealing the Dr.'s energy in the first place.


The first show we ever produced, this science-based show focuses on the differences between kinetic and potential energy and how it can be transformed. Perfect for 4th and 5th grade!


The first 


Anansi the Spider is a well-loved character with origins in West African lore. Many people tell his stories across the world from Ghana to Jamaica. Indeed, he is the King of All Stories. But just how did all the stories become Anansi's? Come with us as we follow Anansi's adventure to capture Onini the great python, Osebo the leopard, and the Fairy Whom No Man Can See.

Anansi the Spider
Pirates of the Chesapeake

Redbeard the Pirate is having an awful day. The treasure from the Chesapeake Bay is missing! So he hires Inspector Clue to track it down. Clue must explore the bay to find clues from Captain Nemo, Dr. Finkelbugger, and Wayne John the Conservation Officer. As he does so, he learns all about the water cycle, watersheds, and discovers what's threatening the resources of the Chesapeake Bay.

Will Clue and Redbeard save the bounty? Only time will tell.

Written by Christina Scott Sayer and Christopher Markham.


Another science-based show with an emphasis on watersheds and the water cycle.



Inspector Clue is on the case again. This time, he’s hired by his long time friend, Dewey the Librarian, to solve a most mysterious puzzle. It seems that all the stories are getting mixed up. Peter Pan has disappeared from Neverland, the Big Bad Wolf is running around Wonderland, and good ol’ St. Nick is stuck in Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma’s chimney. Can he get everyone back to their rightful stories before Susie Parks’ bedtime? Find out in this live show written especially for the CSLP theme “One World, Many Stories.”  Written by Christina Scott Sayer.

Night at the Library
Dinosaur Rock

Inspector Clue is on the case again. This time he’s been hired to track down the famous archaeologist, Illinois Bones. Clue embarks on an adventure through history with the help of a time machine powered by the mysterious Dinosaur Rock. Along the way, he must iron out the wrinkles in time as he meets Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, King Tut, and Elvis Rexley. Will he succeed in his quest or will he be lost in mists of time forever? Find out in “The Dinosaur Rock!”


Written by Christina Scott Sayer .


Something’s not right in Nottingham Forest, and Robin Hood needs to drum up some new recruits to get things back in sync. Join Robin’s band of Merry Men to stomp out the evil Sheriff, snap him in handcuffs, and clap him behind bars. Feel the rhythm of the forest, tap your feet to the beat of the trees, and become a part of the legend of Robin Hood.


Written by Christina Scott Sayer.

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